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60min Foot Reflexology                                         $45

60min Body Deep tissue/ TuiNa                           $55


60min Body+ Foot Combo                                    $50

90min Massage Combo (body+foot)                   $75

120min Massage Combo (body+foot)                  $105

Add HOT STONE                                                    $5

60min Couple Massage Combo(body+foot)                  $100

60min Couple Massage Deep Tissue                                $110

90min Couple Massage (body+foot)                                 $150                     

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Wee Massage is a professional massage SPA and rich experience;we provide you with comfortable environment, and the enthusiasm of the most professional service.

We also knew how important time is for people who living and working around in the center city .
Our goal is to use the best price, to provide the best service, let you get the best relax in the shortest possible time .


Foot Reflexology

Body Massage


FOOT REFLEXOLOGY helps to unwind and have some time for yourself, which you deserve after hours of working or dealing with stress.

For hundreds of years, several people have considered foot massage as a means of achieving well-being and health the natural way. Various cultures throughout the world, specifically those that are more keen on alternative and traditional medicine, perceive massage and foot spa as a means of relieving pain and promoting general wellness.

Foot reflexology, for instance, incorporates the application of pressure on certain points located on the feet, which help stimulate balance of energies in corresponding parts of the body.

The following are among the advantages you can expect from having a soothing foot spa:

1. Relaxation and stress reduction

People spend so much time on their feet whether it is doing their daily commute to work, standing for hours at their workplace and going to places. This causes stress on their feet while affecting their state of mind and physical condition once an imbalance on energy occurs. Foot spa and massage stimulates the solar plexus reflex, which aids in allowing your body to manage stress and keep you grounded at the same time.

According to the study, Foot reflexology really helpful to delay menopause, improve mood has a huge role.

2. Achieve balance

When you are stressed, every system in your body is in constant chaos, which can make you feel anxious and jittery. Foot spa generates homoeostasis or a state of harmony and balance in your body, and this is essential in giving you better health. The rubbing and pressing of the feet and toes also promotes proper circulation of blood and energy.

When nerve endings and pathways are blocked, you may be prone to fatigue and lethargy since energy is held back from flowing smoothly throughout your body. Foot spa addresses this issue, and the principles of reflexology releases energy blockages that facilitate a sense of well-being without the use of unnatural techniques.

3. Cleanse the body

Toxins accumulate in your body due to a wide range of factors including diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Furthermore, toxic substances cause blockages that prevent the blood from circulating freely, which impacts its ability to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells necessary for growth. Wastes also rely on blood to be flushed away from your body.

Unfortunately, when your blood is unable to move smoothly, toxins remain in your body and trigger diseases. With the help of foot massage, stress is reduced as toxins and waste products are eliminated once blood circulation improves.

4. Healing of body and mind

It is not debatable how stress is the root of various diseases that affect the mind and body. Yet, you have to accept the fact that this is an inevitable part of life, and the only thing you can do is to work your way around it and decompress when you feel overloaded with stress.

Foot massages and spas promote healing as you become more relaxed throughout the entire process. With this in mind, your immune system is strengthened along the way, which stops stress from causing adverse effects to your health.

Chinese massage, also known as tui na, has been used for medical purposes in China for centuries. It is becoming popular in the West as a means of treating a wide range of health and mental disorders. To perform Chinese massage, the practitioner uses a variety of hand techniques to manipulate the soft tissue of the body. It also employs acupressure to redirect the flow of Qi, or energy, in the body and manual skeletal manipulation techniques to realign the bones and muscles in the body for optimal alignment.

Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Therapeutic Chinese massage techniques that include manipulation of the body's soft tissues can help relieve stiffness and pain associated with a range of soft tissue injuries including frozen shoulder, low back pain and sciatica.

Break-down of Scar Tissue

For people who have lost mobility or experience chronic stiffness or pain in muscles or joints, Chinese massage can be effective in breaking down scar tissue to ease soreness and increase range of motion.

Circulatory Problems

The main function of Chinese massage is to redirect the flow of Qi, which is responsible for circulatory health, throughout the body. By using different hand techniques and manipulating specific pressure points, the circulatory system is stimulated and re-energized.

Improved Emotional Health

On a physical level, Chinese massage can be very relaxing. It relieves stress and tension and improves feelings of well-being. Chinese massage practitioners believe, however, that blockages to the flow of Qi through the body can disrupt the mental state, leading to anxiety and depression. Chinese massage works to realign the Qi and also to remove layers of emotional stress that can build up over time.

Increased Energy

By realigning the flow of Qi in the body, Chinese massage claims to stimulate energy in the body and increase energy levels. Its stress-relieving benefits can also lead to improved sleep and a feeling of overall well-being.



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